Public Data Sharing

Make your data a public resource!

Public data has the potential to help many – from students to researchers to citizen scientists! Open Humans allows members to publicly share data. Which data you share is up to you, and you can turn off sharing at any time.

To activate this feature, we require a member to demonstrate an understanding of potential risks.

Choosing to publicly share personal data also has potential risks. Because of this, the option to publicly share feature is not available by default. We celebrate sharing, but public sharing of personal data is not for everyone. Each individual experiences different risks, and has different preferences.

Feature activation

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More information

When sharing your data, you’ll need to understand that the data may be very identifiable. This means that someone may figure out your identity, even if you don’t share your name. Some members do not attempt to be anonymous, and associate their name with their Open Humans account and data.

Sharable data sets supported by Open Humans